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Kevin Pirtle is an INBTI (International Bloodhound Training Institute) Mantrailing Instructor. He is also a Mantrailing instructor at AMPWDA (American Mantrailing, Police & Work Dog Association). Kevin is an active operational Mantrailing Dog Handler with his local Search and Rescue team as well as a professional firefighter and paramedic.

Kevin is set to return for his second Sports Mantrailing Seminar in Ireland after his hugely successful 2023 Sports Seminar. A great opportunity to get to know The Kocher Method first hand! Kevin has trained under the instruction of Kevin Kocher, Opal Kocher, Cynthia Kocher and Terrie Clark.

We hare hosting two seminars with Kevin.
  • The first is a two day Sports Seminar on Sept 7th and 8th is geared towards those training a Mantrailing Dog for as a hobby. All levels are welcome
  • The second is a three day seminar from Sept 10th to 12th and is geared towards Search and Rescue Personnel with an operational Mantrailing dog or a dog in training. There will also be limited spots available to those who are advanced in Mantrailing.
These seminars are an excellent opportunity to develop your teams skills, with guidance from Kevin Pirtle and his wealth of experience.

Not only will we have INTBI instructor Kevin Pirtle but we also have INTBI Assistant Instructor Rosali Terrie Bevan to assist on the course.


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