INTBI Mantrailing Seminar 2024 with Kevin Pirtle 7-8th September 2024 10am - 6pm (Sport) (Spectator)

INTBI Mantrailing Seminar 2024 with Kevin Pirtle 7-8th September 2024 10am - 6pm (Sport) (Spectator)

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INTBI Mantrailing 2 Day Sport Seminar with Kevin Pirtle

Spectator place €149


Co.Cork, Ireland


September 7-8th. Start time each day 10am, finish each day approx. 6pm

This workshop is geared towards those training a Mantrailing Dog for sport. All levels are welcome. Mix of urban and rural training locations!


10% discount on full payment before 1st July 2024


50% non-refundable deposit due by 1st July with the balance due on August 1st 2024.

Important: If for any reason you cancel your attendance, please note half of the course is non- refundable before July 1st and the balance will only be refunded if you find someone else to take your place. No refunds are available after July 1st 2024.



Participants must be over the age of 18

Kevin Pirtle is an INBTI (International Bloodhound Training Institute) Mantrailing Instructor and assessor). Kevin is an active operational Mantrailing Dog Handler with his local Search and Rescue team as well as a professional firefighter and paramedic.

Kevin is set to return for his second Sports Mantrailing Seminar in Ireland after his hugely successful 2023 Sports Seminar. This is a great opportunity to get to know The Kocher Method first hand! The Kocher Method is used internationally for Mantrailing SAR dogs.

What is Sport Mantrailing
Sports mantrailing is primarily a recreational or competitive activity. It is a hobby or sport, similar to activities like dog agility or obedience trials. The primary goal is to enjoy the process of training and working with your dog to follow a specific scent trail and locate a hidden person.

In the Sports Mantrailing Seminar, the emphasis is on training dogs and handlers to work effectively together in a controlled and safe environment. The training may include scent discrimination exercises and the development of search techniques, but will be less intense and specialized compared to SAR Mantrailing Seminar.

The sport seminar is not used for or will prepare you and your dog for search and rescue missions.

Note, this seminar will be active and physically demanding. You do not need to be super fit but this is an outdoor activity. You will be pushed outside your comfort zone over the two days. Your dogs and your abilities will be tested.

Course cost includes

- Catering (for all attendees). 

*catering includes teas, coffees and sandwiches.

**We cannot cater for those with specific dietary requirements/allergies. A fridge will be available if you wish to bring another option.