Gone with the Wind  - Scent and Air Movement in Mantrailing Webinar - Replay

Gone with the Wind - Scent and Air Movement in Mantrailing Webinar - Replay

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Topic - Scent and Air Movement in Mantrailing with special guest Monica Diaz.

One of the most challenging aspects of Mantrailing is dealing with scent, which is invisible to the human eye (and nose!) and trusting our dogs when they follow it.

We humans need to see to believe and yet in Mantrailing we deal with something that escapes our senses… and need to rely on a different being to do the job. Talk about giving up control! But if we want to be good Mantrailing we must do it!

But before we go out there to run some trails we need to get to know scent.
  • What is it?
  • How does it move?
  • How is it affected by the weather, car fumes, the time…?
  • How long does it last?
Then we’ll need to teach our dogs to follow one specific scent and learn how they follow it and what do they do when they lose it.

In this webinar we talked all about scent, how it moves, how the environment can affect it and how important it is to learn to read our dogs and get as much information as possible from them.

Discussions will also include how our trailing dogs follow scent in comparison to how how air scent dogs search for scent, the importance of reading our dogs (Negative indications) and what happens if they lose the trail.
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