Mantrailing Assessments

Mantrailing Assessments

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Our training programs are designed to be engaging adventures, fostering a strong bond between you and your dog while simultaneously equipping you both with valuable skills applicable in everyday life.

While designed for pet dogs, our assessments draw inspiration from operational scenarios, providing a unique and exciting dimension to your training. From Entry Level through to Level 5, the levels are designed to gradually prepare the Mantrailing teams to follow are in conditions as similar to a real search as possible.

All handlers must begin at Entry Level and pass each Level before attempting the next Assessment.  

For assessments that are booked as all day events, you will have the opportunity to do some training during the day along with your Assessment.

Entry Level is a crucial starting point for all dog teams embarking on their assessments. This assessment ensures that handlers and their dogs possess the foundational skills necessary for blind trails, setting the stage for a successful and rewarding training experience.

These assessments are open to anyone who has basic Mantrailing experience, you do NOT need to have gained your basic level of Mantrailing with Hounds and Helis to sign up).

Entry Level PD (Pet Dog)

  • Start: Delayed Start.
  • Blind Trail
  • The starting point will be known by the handler. 
  • Length: 100-150 meters.
  • Not aged (<5 minutes old)
  • Trail with possible surface changes.
  • 1 junction/turn.
  • The misper will be known by the dog.
  • Misper at the end standing still, half hidden.

Level 1 PD (Pet Dog)

  • Start: Scent Article Start. 
  • Blind Trail
  • The starting point will be known by the handler. 
  • Length: 150-300 meters.
  • Approx. 10 minutes old.
  • Trail with possible surface changes 
  • At least 2 Junctions/Turns.
  • The Misper may be known or unknown to the dog.
  • Misper at the end will be any of the following: standing still, half hidden, sitting, lying down or walking.

Once you have booked, you will receive an email with the specific location, what you'll need to bring with you and any other information you need to know. Please keep an eye on your spam folder for this email. If you have any queries on your booking, email: