INTBI Mantrailing Seminar with Monica Diaz 13th - 14th May 2024 10am - 6pm (Dog handler)(SAR) - Balance Due

INTBI Mantrailing Seminar with Monica Diaz 13th - 14th May 2024 10am - 6pm (Dog handler)(SAR) - Balance Due

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2 Day INTBI Mantrailing Seminar with Monica Diaz

This workshop is geared towards Search and Rescue Personnel with an operational Mantrailing dog or a dog in training. Urban training only!

Handler place €349


Marina Market


13th - 14th May 2024. Start time each day 10am, finish each day approx. 6pm


10% discount on full payment before 31st December 2023


50% non-refundable deposit due by 31st December 2023 with the balance due on 1st March 2024. 

(if for any reason you cancel your attendance, please note half of the course is refundable up to March 1st (minus transaction fees). No refunds will apply after March 1st 2024.


Participants must be over the age of 18

Monica Diaz is a dog Trainer & behaviourist consultant and founder of DREAMCAN and DREAMCAN MANTRAILING, a mantrailing school. 

Monica has many accolades to her name including;

  • Mantrailing Instructor at the INBTI (International Bloodhound Training Institute) since 2021. 
  • Mantrailing instructor for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, SAR, dog trainers and private people. 
  • Spanish translator of the mantrailing book: How to Train a Police Bloodhound , by Kevin J. Kocher. 
  • Author of the mantrailing blog: Diario de Mantrailing (In Spanish) .
  • You Tube Channel: Mònica Díaz Trias - DREAMCAN.


Mònica started her mantrailing career in 2014 when she attented a seminar with Kevin Kocher. That's when her passion for mantrailing started. She has been learning, training and teaching mantrailing ever since. She has learned and continues learning mantrailing from many different INBTI instructors from the US, Austria, Hungary..., most of them in Law Enforncement and SAR. She is currently instructing in seminars in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. She loves teaching and has a lot of experience training operational and non operational teams. 


The goal is to provide participants with basic knowledge about mantrailing
and The Kocher Method in particular. At the end of the seminar, participants should have the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to progress in their training. In the case of seminar where participants are already familiar with mantraling, the goal will be to deepen the knowledge of the participants, provide the point of view or approach of the INBTI and help them progress in their training.

This is the perfect course for you if you have:

  • participated in training a Mantrailing dog for Search and Rescue.
  • have an operational dog team wanting to refresh and develop their skills.
  • are training for the sport of Mantrailing and want to further develop and advance their skills.

Course Structure

It consists of two parts: theory and practice. Theory will be delivered in the classroom and out on the trails. Students are advised to bring notepad and pen. 

For a good development of the course, dog teams (1 handler plus dog)  are limited to 7 (maximum) and 7 (maximum) spectators.

The number of trails that can be done per day depends on the teams, the environment and the length & age of trails themselves. 

All students (including spectators) are expected to collaborate in all aspects of the course and will be required to partake in roles such as flanker and missing person.

Who can apply

Open to anyone who is currently training a Mantrailing dog operationally or for sport. Each trail can be adapted for each team. Those who are new to Mantrailing can learn for those more experienced. Experienced Mantrailing handlers can learn from the instruction given to those less experienced.

Course cost includes

- Catering (for all attendees). 

*catering includes teas, coffees and sandwiches.

**We cannot cater for those with specific dietary requirements/allergies. A fridge will be available if you wish to bring another option.