Air Scent Workshops Fermoy

Air Scent Workshops Fermoy

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Location: Fermoy IDA Park

Air Scent is a brand-new dog sport in Ireland, offered only by Hounds and Helis, where we teach you and your dog to find a hidden person.

Air Scent Search is another specialized form of SAR Dog Sports where dogs are trained to locate a person based on scent in the air. Unlike Mantrailing, which involves following a ground scent trail, Air Scent Dogs are trained to find anyone in their search area, not just someone specific. They don’t need a scent item belonging to anyone. Air scent dogs work off-lead, wear a high visibility jacket, and can cover a larger area, searching for the scent carried by the air.

But, don't worry. Your dog does not need to have any minimum level of obedience (such as recall) for this. We will teach you how! We’ll use fun and engaging games to teach this while we work.

Watching your dog work freely to ‘hunt’ for a person is incredibly rewarding to see.

Air Scent dogs will only work in rural and remote areas such as forestry, farmland etc. Air Scent is a suitable activity for dogs of all ages, breeds and reactive dogs are welcome. 

Éadaoin has worked and qualified two Operational Air Scent Search Dogs within both Lowland and Mountain Rescue teams here in Ireland and assessed within Ireland and the UK.

Do you want to...?
Build a great relationship with your dog
Increase your dog's confidence
Spend time adventuring outdoors
Booking is essential as places are limited. Start your Air Scent Search Dog adventure with Hounds and Heli's!!