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Primary school. 

Building on the foundations of basic obedience, we build distance, duration and distraction into the all the behaviours we learned, we also teach recalling off a chase, going to settle on a bed on cue, advanced stay, a tuck under, touch and an emergency stop.   We also teach you to send your puppy around an object and bring them back to you - a critical skill if you ever intend to have your puppy off lead.  

Once you’ve been the courses you will have a thorough foundation for successful living with your dog and you’ll be well equipped to continue their education.

Hounds and Heli’s dog trainer, Jill is the puppy expert! Jill has been a professional dog trainer for 20 years.  She studied animal welfare and behaviour  with Edinburgh university, and went on to do  post grad with Duke university on canine cognition & emotion. Jill has done significant continuous professional development with some of the best institutions in the industry, the IMDT, The school of canine science, canine principles to name but a few.  A full member of the PPG, and the IVBA Jill is passionate about delivering the best training possible to our pet dogs in effective and ethical ways. 

Jill believes that being a pet dog is the hardest job of all and works very hard to give families the best possible start with their new four legged friends.  
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