Mantrailing Global Assessment Preparation - 11th Nov 2023 10am to 5pm

Mantrailing Global Assessment Preparation - 11th Nov 2023 10am to 5pm

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Mantrailing Global Level Assessments - are you prepared?

Mantrailing Global conducts comprehensive assessments for Mantrailing, categorized into levels ranging from 1 to 5. To qualify for participation in the Mantrailing Global Level assessments, candidates are required to successfully fulfill the Mantrailing Global logbook requirements, substantiating their preparation and training efforts. It is essential to note that only training sessions led by certified Mantrailing Global Instructors can be considered valid for inclusion in these logbooks.

As a certified Mantrailing Global Instructor, Éadaoin is equipped to provide rigorous training and preparation to both you and your canine companion for your assessment. She will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum that covers all necessary knowledge and skills, commencing with the Level 1 assessment.


📅11th Nov 2023 10am to 5pm

🍴 Bring your own lunch

Level 1 Assessment Criteria:

Single Blind

Trail Length: 200m to 400m

1 Change of direction (90 degrees)

Age of Trail: 30min to 1 hour

Terrain: Forestry, Field, Field Walks, Rural

1 Missing Person sitting/laying/standing

1 Flanker Allowed

Note: This training is open to anyone who trains with a MTG instructor and would like to further training to prepare for their Mantrailing Global Assessment.