Fermoy Puppy Playschool Wednesday 1st November - 7pm to 8pm

Fermoy Puppy Playschool Wednesday 1st November - 7pm to 8pm

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Hounds and Heli's Fermoy Puppy Play School January term is now open for booking!

School term begins Wednesday 1st November from 7pm to 8pm at The Richmond Revival in Fermoy P61 XY72

This is a 4-week course, 1 hour per week at a cost of €140 with online support during the week with our Facebook Group

  • Wednesday 1st November
  • Wednesday 8th November
  • Wednesday 15th November
  • Wednesday 22nd November
Puppy Play School, is where we set you and your puppy up for a successful life together by working on life skills, beginners' obedience, confidence building and socialisation. Most importantly, you and your dog will learn to communicate and work together in the company of other people and their dogs. 

Covering a broad range of topics from - dealing with the pesky chewing and biting, to teaching puppy to be alone, to avoiding resource guarding, plus the basic building foundation stones of life long useful behaviours like focusing on their handler even in the presence of distractions,  sit, down, stay, leave it and middle.   We set the foundations of walking nicely on the lead and that all important recall.