Fermoy Primary School Wednesday 1st November - 8pm to 9pm

Fermoy Primary School Wednesday 1st November - 8pm to 9pm

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Does your dog have basic obedience down? Are you ready to advance their skills in obedience training?

Now it's time for them to attend our Primary School. Starting  Wednesday 1st November - 8pm to 9pm.

  • Wednesday 1st November
  • Wednesday 8th November
  • Wednesday 15th November
  • Wednesday 22nd November

This is a 4-week course, 1 hour per week at a cost of €140 with online support during the week with our Facebook Group.

Here you will learn the skills you and your dog will need for life's adventures:

Building on the foundations set in kindergarten, we build distance, duration and distraction into the all the behaviours we learned, we also teach recalling off a chase, going to settle on a bed on cue, advanced stay, a tuck under, touch and an emergency stop.   We also teach you to send your puppy around an object and bring them back to you - a critical skill if you ever intend to have your puppy off lead.  

Once you’ve been through both courses you will have a thorough foundation for successful living with your dog and you’ll be well equipped to continue their education.