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Puppy Play School is the first part of your puppy’s education. Once completed and after our Mid Term Break, you and your pup can move onto ‘Primary School’, our follow up four-week course.  Hounds and Heli’s courses are designed to take you from puppyhood, through adolescence with your pup.

Puppy Play School, is where we set you and your puppy up for a successful life together. You and your dog will learn to communicate and work together in the company of other people and their dogs.  

Covering a broad range of topics from - dealing with the pesky chewing and biting, to teaching puppy to be alone, to avoiding resource guarding, plus the basic building foundation stones of life long useful behaviours like focusing on their handler even in the presence of distractions,  sit, down, stay, leave it and middle.   We set the foundations of walking nicely on the lead and that all important recall.   

Hounds and Heli’s dog trainer, Jill is the puppy expert! Jill has been a professional dog trainer for 20 years.  She studied animal welfare and behaviour  with Edinburgh university, and went on to do  post grad with Duke university on canine cognition & emotion. Jill has done significant continuous professional development with some of the best institutions in the industry, the IMDT, The school of canine science, canine principles to name but a few.  A full member of the PPG, and the IVBA Jill is passionate about delivering the best training possible to our pet dogs in effective and ethical ways. 

Jill believes that being a pet dog is the hardest job of all and works very hard to give families the best possible start with their new four legged friends.  

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